Taeim KU

Suncheon, Korea

Oct 15, 2016 ~ Oct 16, 2016



Oct 15, 2016 ~ Oct 16, 2016


(Translated) ※ tour Suncheon reed ※ - katok ID, please send a Messenger as "99tang" I made the room !! 10 May 2016. 10. Third, the owner of 15 to 2016. 10. I'm going to experience pre-festival days to 16 days before 1 night, 2 people pushed! The visibility minutes or identity hokyeo travel plans around looking How about I make memories together ?? Beagle Micah minutes if you really explosive. Warmly welcome ^^ * Location: across the street Suncheon Guesthouse 6 rooms, 8 persons: The price is the same both ₩ 20,000! ☆ hostel is thought to be nearing full 7 days prior to reservation due to rumors that the well

(Original) ※순천여행 갈대밭※ - 카톡아이디 " 99tang " 으로 톡하나보내주세요 방을만들었거든요!! 10월의 셋째주인 2016. 10. 15 ~ 2016. 10. 16일 1박 2일로 축제해서 사람들 몰리기전에 미리 체험하려고해요! 근처를 가시는분 또는 혹여 여행계획이신분은 함께 추억을 만들어보는거 어때요 ?? 비글미가 폭팔하시는 분이라면 굉장히. 열렬히 환영합니다^^ *장소 : 순천 길건너게스트 하우스 6인실, 8인실 : 가격은 둘다같은 2만원입니다! ☆숙소가 잘된다는 소문때문에 꽉차기전에 7일전에는 예약할 생각입니다


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# 2

(Translated) On October 15 to 16 went to Suncheon travel. The set drama, Night Market, Suncheon Station, to the people who traveled with the market reversing've been proud of and give a badge! I've heard only by the lack of photos, please check your video skills to shame in pebuk ㅎㅎ

(Original) 지난 10월 15-16일 순천여행을 다녀왔습니다. 드라마세트장 , 야시장 , 순천역, 역전시장을 돌며 함께했던 사람들에게 뱃지를 주고 자랑하며다녔어요 ! 사진으로는 부족해서 부끄러운실력으로 동영상을만들었어요 페북에서 확인해주세요 ㅎㅎ


# 3

(Translated) The slouching slouching year

(Original) 삐딱합니다삐딱해


# 4

(Translated) It thrilled thrilled to travel bag badge also held Higo

(Original) 설레설레여행 가방에뱃지도붙히고

# 5

(Translated) Chapter I bought one on the river bottom to go private gathered a lot of urinary tract korom

(Original) 아랫장가서 개인강 한개씩 샀는데 요로코롬 많이 모였고

# 6

(Translated) Wait until it falls to the beach waon reported glow

(Original) 와온해변해서 해떨어질때까지기다리다가 노을도 보고

# 7

(Translated) Ttwarh !! @ haejang the next morning to the aluminous

(Original) 다음날아침에 해장으로 백반을 똻!!@

# 8

(Translated) First, I hope also to give rise to a sister station again let's hold an appointment in the next month!

(Original) 먼저올라가는 누나들을 기차역까지바래도주고 다음달에 또보자고약속도 잡고!

# 9

(Translated) You can fall eopeun group photo!

(Original) 빠질 수 없은 단체사진!

# 10

(Translated) For becoming a waon beach

(Original) 해지는 와온해변입니다용

# 11

(Translated) The trip also meokbang! Let's back in the fourth week of May 11!

(Original) 여행은 역시 먹방 ! 11월넷째주에 다시봅시다~!

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