Yujin Bonnie Lim

Mui Ne, Vietnam

Aug 17, 2016 ~ Aug 28, 2016

Mui Ne


Aug 17, 2016 ~ Aug 28, 2016

# Yujin Bonnie Lim's story

(Translated) The 23km barefoot ... Atv tried to flip left arm is injured friend shoes left behind on the leg injury desert hilltop can not go find my bus has already gone ryeotgo, only 23km to join with friends to get the jeep and taxi rides. Day was really loud

(Original) 23km 를 맨발로... Atv는 뒤집어지고 왼쪽팔 부상 친구는 다리 부상 사막 언덕 정상에 두고온 신발은 찾으러 갈 수 없고 내 버스는 이미 가버렸고, 23km를 지프 얻어타기와 택시로 겨우 친구들과 합류했어요. 정말 요란했던 하루

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