Taeim KU

Gyeongju, Korea

Aug 1, 2016 ~ Aug 2, 2016



Aug 1, 2016 ~ Aug 2, 2016

# 1

(Translated) Deoraguyo I would have gone differently when I was little True 10000000000000000 weeks kkokkoma not know just what, where, why this report neukkineunge not travel much Anapji, Cheomseongdae, Seongdong market, Gyeongju Station alone hear them now, went to visit the'll always meet good in something new

(Original) 어렸을때 갔던거하곤 경주가 참 다르더라구요 그냥 뭔지 모르고갔던 꼬꼬마, 지금은 왜 이런곳들을 찾아가는지 보고 듣고 느끼는게 많은 안압지, 첨성대, 성동시장,경주역 혼자여행은 항상 새로운무언가를 만날수있어서 좋다는거

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