Yujin Bonnie Lim

Osaka, Japan

Jul 29, 2016 ~ Aug 1, 2016



Jul 29, 2016 ~ Aug 1, 2016

# 1

(Translated) 6 ... Is this your solar plexus happened right payment ....

(Original) 여러분.. 이거 6명치 결제된거 맞죠....



(Translated) (Screams) Awesome ~ a long time traveler! Clothes tourists backpack travelers unbalanced ... What'll not just the excitement of travel! The answer is not fixed! Whatever really my haneungeot!

(Original) 꺅 신난다~ 오랜만에 여행자! 옷은 관광객 배낭은 여행객 언발란스... 이게 바로 여행의 묘미 아니겠소! 정답이 정해져있지 않은! 정말 내 맘대로 하는것!



(Translated) Osaka've been Saccharomyces clothes?

(Original) 오사카 왔으니 옷사카?


# 4

(Translated) Osaka namba! Namba ...? Watch me !!!!!!

(Original) Osaka namba ! 남바...? 날봐!!!!!!


# 5

(Translated) Is Busan aboard Firebolt galttaen

(Original) 부산 갈땐 파이어볼트 타고 가요

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