El Jo

Gapyeong, Korea

Jun 25, 2016 ~ Jun 26, 2016



Jun 25, 2016 ~ Jun 26, 2016

# 1

(Translated) Gapyeong Jugeumsan baekpaeking!

(Original) 가평 주금산 백패킹!

# 2

(Translated) Gapyeong main story geumsam baekpaeking

(Original) 가평 주금삼 백패킹 이야기

# 3

(Translated) Carrying only a backpack is a forest track

(Original) 나만한 배낭 짊어지고 숲속 트래킹


# 4

(Translated) Dureon dureon sit together and talk to

(Original) 두런두런 모여앉아서 대화도 하고

# 5

(Translated) Certification organizations tee shot also like

(Original) 단체티 인증샷도 찍고


# 6

(Translated) They also eat their own prepared food

(Original) 각자 준비한 요리도 함께 먹고요

# 7

(Translated) Oh ... really good

(Original) 아...좋다 정말


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