Miso Park

Seoul, Korea

Jun 19, 2016 ~ Jun 19, 2016



Jun 19, 2016 ~ Jun 19, 2016

# 1

(Translated) Costume hire in Insadong, Gyeongbokgung to get around! I think as long as rentalbi is also pretty expensive, even without Costume Rental will be many interesting experiences to one another + _ + Costume Party made sure everyone thanks bonded oil ~~~~ !!!!!

(Original) 인사동에서 한복대여해서 경복궁 돌아다니기! 생각만큼 렌탈비가 비싸지도 않고 한복도 이쁜 것 많고 재밌는 경험 하나 또 만들었당 +_+ 다들 한복대여해서 꼭 입어보세유~~~~!!!!!



(Translated) That far Namsan Tower in accounting dangil there was more shining Itaewon rooftop cafe at night :)! Seoul is a beauty

(Original) 경리단길 루프탑 카페 :) 밤이 되니 더욱 빛나는 이태원에 저 멀리 남산타워까지! 서울도 아름답다


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