Miso Park

Busan, Korea

Jul 23, 2016 ~ Jul 23, 2016



Jul 23, 2016 ~ Jul 23, 2016

# 1

(Translated) I met a wonderful glow in Busan is ecstatic @ _ @

(Original) 부산에서 만난 멋진 노을@_@ 황홀하다


# 2

(Translated) Fantastic Night Gwangan Bridge looks away to create a high-rise apartment

(Original) 고층 아파트가 만들어내는 환상적인 야경과 멀리 보이는 광안대교

# 3

(Translated) Taxi drivers Uncle Nuri Maru ve'll see why I am going to nag, but this number was not going to Jing ㅇㅇ with stunning scenery. Egen someone familiar place, a place of someone egen impressed.

(Original) 택시기사아저씨가 누리마루 볼 거 없는데 왜가냐고 잔소리했지만 이렇게 멋진 풍경을 두고 안갈 수가 없었징ㅇㅇ. 누군가에겐 익숙한 장소, 누군가에겐 감동의 장소.

# 4

(Translated) Gatgido gatgido island and sea, and the Philippines. Haeundae!

(Original) 제주도 같기도하고 필리핀 바다 같기도 하고. 해운대!

# 5

(Translated) Gonzo grab bars to see only a century + _ +

(Original) 백년만에 잡아보는 셀카봉 +_+

# 6

(Translated) Keopeulruk IT G MA!

(Original) 커플룩 IT G MA!

# 7

(Translated) Cinnabar nimdeul raising waters putting reflect shooting hard to take.

(Original) 반영 찍기위해 바닷물 퍼올려서 열심히 찍는 진사님들.

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