Miso Park

전국<여행자>랑, Korea

Jun 26, 2016 ~ Jun 26, 2016



Jun 26, 2016 ~ Jun 26, 2016

# 1

(Translated) Shot by leaving this life. Will you take photos like an ordinary office workers enslaved attend the travel addict ah, I want to "put the pipe work" .....

(Original) 인생샷 이렇게 남기면 되나요.. 여행 중독자에 사진 찍기 좋아하는 평범한 직장인 노예 참석합니다아아 나도 "직장을 관뒀다" 하고싶다.....



(Translated) I received lots of positive energy for a long time ah !!!!!!!!! Thank inspiring travel photos pockets Fighting> _____ <

(Original) 오랜만에 긍정에너지 듬뿍받았습니다아!!!!!!!!!포켓포토 고맙습니다 설레여행 화이팅 >_____<


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