Miso Park

Vladivostok, Russia

Aug 13, 2016 ~ Aug 15, 2016



Aug 13, 2016 ~ Aug 15, 2016

# 1

(Translated) Do not go on vacation to write the best paper Vladivostok yen !! Wait Russia ~~~~

(Original) 휴가 안 쓰고 가기엔 블라디보스톡이 최고지용!! 기다려라 러시아~~~~



(Translated) Vladivostok also has a pretty Arc de Triomphe

(Original) 블라디보스톡에도 예쁜 개선문이 있다


# 3

(Translated) House warming dajeonghi hasideon couple talking in a small cathedral

(Original) 작은 성당에서 도란도란 다정히 얘기하시던 부부

# 4

(Translated) A summer full of vibrant marine park

(Original) 활기 넘치는 한 여름의 해양공원

# 5

(Translated) Brother sister looking at the neck ppajyeora'll ride the rides

(Original) 형아가 놀이기구 타는 거 목 빠져라 쳐다보는 동생


(Translated) Wonderful sunset of Vladivostok Marine Park

(Original) 블라디보스톡 해양공원의 멋진 석양

# 7

(Translated) Ohmae bulmang.

(Original) 오매불망.

# 8

(Translated) King Crab Shrimp Honey +

(Original) 킹크랩+새우 꿀


(Translated) Soul look at the Arc de Triomphe, Place

(Original) 개선문 넋 놓고 바라보기

# 10

(Translated) Ppeongppeong perforated sejel scary ride a ferris wheel twice. View from the ferris wheel was spectacular sunsets :)

(Original) 뻥뻥 뚫린 세젤무섭 관람차 두번이나 탐. 관람차에서 바라보는 노을은 장관이었다:)

# 11

(Translated) Vladivostok Marine Park knew nude reflected sound

(Original) 블라디 해양공원 누드비친줄 알았음


# 12

(Translated) Here and there the warm look

(Original) 여기 저기 따뜻한 모습들

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