Miso Park

Seoul, Korea

May 21, 2016 ~ May 21, 2016



May 21, 2016 ~ May 21, 2016

# 1

(Translated) Ttukseom amusement park, friends, beer, pizza, dalgangjeong, mats, wind, Bus King glow What is needed more !!!!! Next camera, has just come night view jjikeoyaji: D

(Original) 뚝섬유원지, 친구, 맥주, 피자, 닭강정, 돗자리, 바람, 버스킹, 노을 무엇이 더 필요한가!!!!! 다음엔 카메라 가지고 와서 꼭 야경도 찍어야지 :D


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