Miso Park

Prague, Czech Republic

Apr 28, 2016 ~ May 8, 2016


Czech Republic

Apr 28, 2016 ~ May 8, 2016

# 1

(Translated) More to say in Prague

(Original) 말이 필요없는 프라하

# 2

(Translated) City of Love

(Original) 사랑의도시

# 3

(Translated) Prague Do you want to see. You're my opinion

(Original) 보고싶다 프라하야 너도 내 생각 하니


(Translated) Prague jakganim has given so much packed neatly with me. The weather was so good and also precious time with good people, too Yes ppeotgo Prague, Prague <3 just want to go again

(Original) 작가님이 너무 너무 예쁘게 담아주신 프라하와 나. 날씨도 너무 좋았고 프라하도 너무 예뻤고 좋은 사람들과 함께 하는 시간도 소중했고, 꼭 또 가고 싶은 프라하<3


(Translated) Prague on the first day, April Speaking also went to Starbucks just completely exhausted tteoleoseo scared because at night the temperature dropped to below freezing. Clerk sister is he looking at me (my sister not probability 99%) * tempted to reply awful glad watnyago in Korea so good it was too nice to awful what ever harder edaga ㅋㅋㅋ Cup with John Roque prettier gave a note of the message * _ * the charm of the city, this little thing gyuna night was warm and felt that the important role that adds + _ +

(Original) 프라하 도착 첫 날, 4월 말인데도 영하로 떨어진 밤 기온 때문에 벌벌 떨어서 완전 지친 상태로 스타벅스에 겨우 들어갔다. 점원언니가(언니아닐확률 99%) 날 보고 대뜸 엄청 반가워하면서 한국에서 왔냐고 너무 너무 반갑다고 좋다고 ㅋㅋㅋ 컵에다가 엄청 열심히 뭘 적더니 요로케 이쁘게 메세지를 적어 줬다*_* 이런 사소한 것도 그 도시의 매력을 더해주는 중요한 역할이 되는규나 느낀 따뜻했던 밤+_+


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