Miso Park

Dresden, Germany

Apr 28, 2016 ~ May 8, 2016



Apr 28, 2016 ~ May 8, 2016

# 1

(Translated) Weather really liked Dresden. Germans too so friendly and happy manner and haeteum ㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ was trying to rumme German exchange student in Germany in the past because she is now writing to buteon haeteotneunde love to hate its own country.

(Original) 날씨 진짜 좋았던 드레스덴. 독일 사람들 너무너무 친절하고 매너있고 행복했음 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 예전에 교환학생할때 룸메가 독일애였는데 걔때문에 독일이란 나라자체를 혐오했었는데 이제부턴 사랑하게씀..

# 2

(Translated) Dresden church gazebo landscape seen from Frauenlob!

(Original) 프라우엔교회 전망대에서 바라본 드레스덴 풍경!


# 3

(Translated) Germany nuikkuim right now.You

(Original) 독일 늬끰 죠아

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