Miso Park

Taipei, Taiwan

Oct 1, 2015 ~ Oct 4, 2015



Oct 1, 2015 ~ Oct 4, 2015

# 1

(Translated) Mom and Taiwan trip

(Original) 엄마랑 대만여행

# 2

(Translated) This singular love

(Original) 단수이는 사랑사랑

# 3

(Translated) Taiwan Night Scene is unconditional Xiangshan mountain climbing

(Original) 대만야경은 무조건 샹산 등산

# 4

(Translated) Wherever calm and tranquil atmosphere drifting Taiwan. Stay right where you do not know anything minutes behind begging ... haeteotji nalppeon in trouble with the trajectory jjikneunde unleashed • _ •

(Original) 어딜가든 차분하고 고즈넉한 분위기 풍기는 대만. 구걸하시는 분이 뒤에 바짝 붙어있는 것도 모르고..궤적찍는데 푹 빠져가지고 큰일날뻔했었지 •_•

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