Miso Park

Jeju Island, Korea

Mar 25, 2016 ~ Mar 27, 2016

Jeju Island


Mar 25, 2016 ~ Mar 27, 2016

# 1

(Translated) US ttottoyi Jeju Travel

(Original) 미또또이 제주여행


# 5

(Translated) Jeju Island trip was so fun, now shifted away per trip away ㅠㅠ

(Original) 너무 유쾌했던 제주도 여행, 당장 여행 떠나버리고시프당ㅠㅠ


# 2

(Translated) Jeju is mwondeul

(Original) 제주is 뭔들

# 3

(Translated) Chinggu ditch more

(Original) 칭구랑 개

# 4

(Translated) The likelihood is that we eat out interference

(Original) 우도는빼먹으면 섭하지요

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