Taeim KU

Granada, Spain

Mar 8, 2016 ~ Mar 11, 2016



Mar 8, 2016 ~ Mar 11, 2016

# 1

(Translated) Alhambra. Guests Alba. Free Rina Hill. Alcazaba quiet and secluded so many travelers are looking for as much jimam city attractions here. Table BOUGHT's too hard ..... cards are debit cards andoeseo grief.

(Original) 알함브라.알바이신. 프리힐리나.알카사바 조용하고 한적한 도시지맘 관광명소만큼은 정말 많은 여행객들이 찾는 이곳. 표사는게 너무 힘들었어.....카드결제가안되서 체크카드슬픔..

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