Jung Eun Jo

Gyeongju, Korea

Oct 7, 2017 ~ Oct 7, 2017



Oct 7, 2017 ~ Oct 7, 2017

# 1

(Translated) I got a bus from Nyeongju Station and arrived at Gyeongbuk Forest Environment Research Institute! In the race, public transportation rides a great deal of stress ... 🙅🏻 Still, the smell of grass, the smell of soil,

(Original) 신경주역에서 버스타고 경북산림환경연구원 도착! 경주에서 대중교통 타기는 엄청난 스트레스...🙅🏻 그래도 풀냄새 흙냄새 들숨날숨하면서 힐링😲👍🏻



(Translated) # Gyeongbuk Forest Cultural Research Institute To take a photo from a photo spot, there must be someone to take a picture of it. Because those who wait are all in sight

(Original) #경북산림문화연구원 포토스팟에서 사진을 찍으려면 줄도 서야하구 찍어 줄 사람도 있어야하고 겁도 없어야하며 핵 뻔뻔해야함!! 기다리시는 분들이 다 구경 중이기때문에😥😥


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