Maria Gîdiuță

Thira, Greece

Aug 13, 2017 ~ Aug 20, 2017



Aug 13, 2017 ~ Aug 20, 2017

# Maria Gîdiuță's story

I will go on vacation on Thassos. Anyone else going?

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# Maria Gîdiuță's story

This is my first day of vacation. I'm on the island Thassos, in the city named Luminaria. Anyone here ? ☺️

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# 3

(Translated) We left Komotini to reach Thassos. From there we continued our drive to the town of Limenaria.

(Original) Am plecat din Komotini pentru a ajunge pe insula Thassos. De acolo am continuat drumul cu masina pana in oraselul Limenaria.

# 4

You cannot kill a breeze, a wind, a fragrance; you cannot kill a dream or an ambition.

# 5

Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbow is second.

# 6

Thassos welcomed us with a gorgeous sunset. 🌅

# 7

Food is tasty and people from here are so generous and hospitable. Love this place.

# 8

Aliki beach is one of the best beaches on Thassos. There are two gulfs in Aliki with beaches of pebbles, sand and crystal waters. Its gulfs are used as well as natural harbors from small fishing boats.

# 9

The sunset was wonderful in Aliki

# 10

Sea food salad that is traditional for this places.

# 11

The fisherman's plateau. It is a real delicacy.

# 12

A beautiful traditional greek house from Theologos, a small village near Liménaria

# 13

I was fascinated by the light game.

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