Maria Gîdiuță

Athens, Greece

Jun 24, 2011 ~ Jul 4, 2011



Jun 24, 2011 ~ Jul 4, 2011

# 1

Greece was an wonderful country, with beautiful landscapes, a lot of kind and very energetic people.

# 2

This photo was taken on Skiathos Island.

# 3

(Translated) This picture shows the boat ride. The trip started from a pier on the island of Skiathos.

(Original) Aceasta poza prezinta plimbarea cu vaporasul. Excursia a pornit dintr-un debarcader din insula Skiathos.


This photo was taken in one of my trips to Meteora. The landscape is unique. That is a Christian Church that was fortificated hundreds years ago. This is the main attraction of this part of the Greece.

# 5

This photo presents an amazing view from my trip to Meteora.

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