Maria Gîdiuță

Marseille, France

Aug 20, 2016 ~ Aug 28, 2016



Aug 20, 2016 ~ Aug 28, 2016

# 1

I visited a little medieval city, named Avignon, but it doesn't appear on the map of this app. ✨ Here you can see a photo from Le Palais des Papes d'Avignon, the main attraction of the city.


# 2

(Translated) This is the Palais des Papes in Avignon from the outside.

(Original) This is Le Palais des Papes d'Avignon from the outside.

# 3

(Translated) Another attraction is the bridge of Avignon. From here I watched a gorgeous sunset. Pictured city is seen in soft light as the sun sets.

(Original) O alta atractie este Podul din Avignon. De aici am urmarit un apus superb. In poza se observa orasul in lumina blanda a soarelui ce apune.

# 4

(Translated) This is the view from the roof of the palace. Picture capture a small part of the interior garden.

(Original) Aceasta este privelistea dupa acoperisul palatului. Poza surprinde o mica parte din gradina interioara.

# 5

(Translated) This picture shows a day trip in the town of Uzes.

(Original) Poza aceasta ilustreaza o excursie de o zi in oraselul Uzes.

# 6

This is a photo taken in Uzes.

# 7

A very hot day in Uzes.

# 8

This is MuCEM ( Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations), situated near the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Marseille is an interesting city. That was the second time I visited it.

# 9

The City Hall of Marseille.

# 10

The port of Marseille.

# 11

The beauty of the France

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