Andreea Craciun

Vienna, Austria

Dec 22, 2013 ~ Dec 30, 2013



Dec 22, 2013 ~ Dec 30, 2013

# 2

(Translated) Vienna

(Original) Viena

# 3

(Translated) Globes and candles

(Original) Globuri si lumânări

# 6

(Translated) Furnishings each more beautiful and interesting

(Original) Decorațiuni care de care mai frumoase si interesante

# 7

(Translated) Cathedral

(Original) Catedrala

# 8

(Translated) Admiring beautiful objects at the fair

(Original) Admirând frumoasele obiecte de la târg

# 9

(Translated) Globes

(Original) Globuri

# 1

(Translated) Candles at Christmas fair

(Original) Lumânări la târgul de Crăciun

# 4

(Translated) The streets of Vienna

(Original) Străzile Vienei

# 5

(Translated) Tree with hearts

(Original) Copacul cu inimi

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