Andreea Craciun

Innsbruck, Austria

Nov 20, 2013 ~ Nov 28, 2013



Nov 20, 2013 ~ Nov 28, 2013

# 4

(Translated) snowy mountains

(Original) Munții înzăpeziți

# 5

(Translated) innsbruck

(Original) Innsbruck

# 8

(Translated) Nature in all its splendor

(Original) Natura in toată splendoarea ei

# 9

(Translated) One last stroll through the streets of Innsbruck

(Original) O ultima plimbare pe străzile Innsbruckului

# 1

(Translated) Architecture

(Original) Arhitectura

# 2

(Translated) giant city

(Original) Gigantul orașului

# 3

(Translated) Christmas Fair

(Original) Târgul de Crăciun

# 6

(Translated) Sleep well

(Original) Somn usor

# 7

(Translated) lane

(Original) Străduțe înguste

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