Andreea Craciun

Istanbul, Turkey

Apr 18, 2012 ~ Apr 26, 2012



Apr 18, 2012 ~ Apr 26, 2012

# 1

(Translated) The first night in Istanbul mosque seen in the dark ...

(Original) Prima noapte in Istanbul... o moschee văzuta in întuneric

# 9

(Translated) end of visit

(Original) Sfârșitul vizitei

# 2

(Translated) Congestion in Istanbul

(Original) Aglomerație in Istanbul

# 3

(Translated) The day ends with a little relaxation in Turkish style

(Original) Ziua se termina cu putina relaxare in stil turc

# 4

Dolmabahce Palace

# 5

(Translated) Little greenery in the Turkish capital

(Original) Putina verdeața in capitala Turciei

# 6


# 7

(Translated) Trojan horse

(Original) Calul troian

# 8

(Translated) Obelisk Turkish :)

(Original) Obelisc turc :)

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