Taeim KU

Qingdao, China

Mar 7, 2017 ~ Mar 10, 2017



Mar 7, 2017 ~ Mar 10, 2017

# Taeim KU's story

(Translated) Baek Jong-Won wanted to eat more than a third of daecheonwang kkwobarowoo and yangkkochi-class plane tickets to save beoryeotneyo Qingdao and Harbin Beer is required rajiyo !!! Tell us came and went Minutes!

(Original) 백종원의 3대천왕보다가 꿔바로우와 양꼬치 먹고싶어서 급비행기표 구해버렸네요 칭다오맥주와 하얼빈은 필수라지요!!! 갔다오신분 알려주세요!

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