Hyewon Shin

Vienna, Austria

May 2, 2017 ~ May 4, 2017



May 2, 2017 ~ May 4, 2017

# Hyewon Shin's story

(Translated) Two women and a 30 baenggi took some routes cut off. Accommodation and booking restaurants I'm asking more baenggi only when accompanied Everything else I'm going to Budapest 27 days in 5/7 adjustable-out floria1004 Munich

(Original) 여자 둘이고 30대입니다 뱅기끊고 루트잡았고 일부.숙박 및 맛집 예약했어요 동행 더 구하고있어요 뱅기만되면 다른건 다조절이 가능할거같아요 27일 부다페스트인 5/7 뮌헨아웃이에요 floria1004

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