Ena Yoon

Toronto, Canada

Oct 18, 2016 ~ Nov 26, 2016



(Translated) Canada dwaetgo Winter begins, I'm still Hitch'm hike seems more day snow coming is to hitchhiking difficult snowy days are more warm and slow driving, and look more pitiful # thumb seems gone away # That's the # Hitchhiker uigil # Homeless not home free #

(Original) 캐나다는 겨울이 시작됐고 저는 아직 히치하이킹 중이예요 눈이 오는날은 히치하이킹 하기 더 힘들 것 같지만 눈오는 날은 좀더 따뜻하고 천천히 운전하고 그리고 더 불쌍해보여요 #엄지가떨어져나간것같아요 #그게바로 #히치하이커의길 #홈리스아님 #홈프리

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