Jinyeong Hwang

Paris, France

Sep 24, 2017 ~ Sep 29, 2017


# Jinyeong Hwang's story

(Translated) I felt like I came to Disneyland to watch a laser show. I thought I should have come to this place with expensive money. It was a day that I never wanted to pay for a laser show.

(Original) 레이저 쇼를 보기위해 디즈니 랜드에 온 것같은 느낌.. 비싼돈 주고 이런데 와야하나 싶었던 생각을 레이저쇼 하나에 절대 돈 아깝지 않은 하루였다며 동심으로 돌아간것처럼 연신 탄성만 내뱉았다ㅎㅎ 또 보고싶다.. ㅠㅠ

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