Jung Eun Jo

Jeju Island, Korea

Apr 1, 2017 ~ Apr 3, 2017


# Jung Eun Jo's story


(Translated) After the sunset, Jeju is tough. ㅠ I went to a cafe where all the cafes and shops I wanted to visit were closed and eventually became famous. I also started to have a bad luck that the drinks we wanted were not going to be unconditional. If not ...

(Original) 일몰 이후의 제주는 힘들다ㅠ.ㅠ 가보고 싶었던 카페, 가게가 다 문닫아서 결국은 유명갑 봄날카페에 갔다... 그마저도 우리가 원하는 음료는 무조건 안된다는 불운의 시작.. 마당에서 본 코기들과 별이 아니었다면...ㅎㅎㅎ

3 Days And 2 Nights Jeju Island travel companions Story #5