Jung Eun Jo

Jeju Island, Korea

Apr 1, 2017 ~ Apr 3, 2017


# Jung Eun Jo's story

(Translated) Ching ming he bought !! This is a very famous kimbap, but the wind blew so much that I did not hear what it was saying ... Kimbap is also Kimbab, but that squid is soaked in my heart ... !!

(Original) 칭그가 사온 맘마!! 이게 대단히 유명한 김밥이라는데 바람이 너무 많이 불어서 뭔 말인지 못들었다... 김밥도 김밥이지만 저 오징어무침이 내맘을 앗아감...!!

3 Days And 2 Nights Jeju Island travel companions Story #3