Jung Eun Jo

Jeju Island, Korea

Apr 1, 2017 ~ Apr 3, 2017



(Translated) The first destination in Jeju Island was the last one at Hohhot beach! The wind tried to chase me out but it was well ...

(Original) 제주 첫목적지는 지난 번에 스쳐지나간 이호테우해변! 바람이 나를 쫓아내려고했지만 잘 버팀...은 뻥이고 진쨔 바로 도망침ㅎ.ㅎ

3 Days And 2 Nights Jeju Island Travel Buddy


(Translated) Bless the wind ~ Goddess of the Wind
(Original) 씽씽 불어라~ 바람의 여신

Hyungsuk Lim

(Translated) Your friend took a really nice picture!
(Original) 친구분이 사진을 정말 멋지게 찍어주셨네요!


제주도너무좋죠. 또가실생각은있으세요?ㅎㅎ


빛이 참 좋네여~전 오늘 돌아왔네여^^

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