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Tianjin, China

Sep 3, 2016 ~ Jul 1, 2017


# 조승연's story


(Translated) Today was a Scottish friend who cooked English. Tom did not seem to be so accustomed to cooking, but the result was successful. I was vegetarian. I was so happy because I ate a potato and I was so happy that I ate delicious. Thank you very much. I promise you that I will guide you to travel to your country. I promise you that these promises will become the power of these promises. I am sorry to hear that the exchange of my life is not so much these days, but the Korean skirt is so tearful that I hear the black skirt "My hometown of Seoul" (I am not from Seoul) Until this opportunity is not easy I will spend the day with all my heart.

(Original) 오늘은 스코틀랜드 친구가 영국 요리를 해줬다 톰도 요리하는게 그리 익숙해보이지 않았지만(ㅋㅋㅋ) 결과는 성공적이었다 채식주의자라 자기는 감자만 깨작깨작 먹은게 다면서 내가 맛있게 잘 먹어서 다행이라고 너무 기뻐했다 감사 인사는 내가 해야되는데 오히려 자기가 너무 고맙단다 각자 귀국하고 열공 열일해서 나는 너네 나라 너는 우리 나라 꼭 여행하자고 서로 가이드 시켜주자고 약속했는데 이런 약속에 의해, 이런 약속들이 동력이 되어 나는 그 지겨운 일상으로 돌아가서도 다시 힘을 낼 것이다 요즘 얼마 안 남은 교환생활이 아쉽기도 하면서 검정치마 '내 고향 서울엔'을 듣고 눈물지을 정도로 한국이 그립기도 하면서 (하물며 나는 서울 출신도 아닌 일산 촌년인데;;) 마음이 너무 싱숭생숭한데 그래도 다시 오기 쉽지 않은 이 기회 끝까지 알차게 지내다 돌아가리라 마음 먹은 하루다



Tianjin, China

Jul 18, 2017 ~ Jul 27, 2017


# 원종훈's story

(Translated) Because there are many restaurants in Tianjin, I want to go on a food-oriented trip. Find someone to eat like delicious food.

(Original) 천진에 맛집이 많다고 해서 맛집 위주의 여행을 할려고합니다. 맛있는 음식 같이 먹을 사람을 찾습니다.

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Jinyoung Ha

Tianjin, China

Apr 30, 2017 ~ May 3, 2017


# Jinyoung Ha's story

(Translated) Although it is a trip for family visit, it is not easy to have time alone.

(Original) 가족 방문목적의 여행이지만 혼자만의 시간도 가지려 하는데 쉽지 않네요.

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Zoe Young

Tianjin, China

Aug 29, 2017 ~ Jan 10, 2018


# Zoe Young's story

I'm going to trip to Tianjin from Aug 29, 2017 to Jan 10, 2018.

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Jeannie Nakouzebi

Tianjin, China

Jun 2, 2017 ~ Jun 9, 2017


# Jeannie Nakouzebi's story

(Translated) Health

(Original) Salut

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Tianjin, China

Jan 5, 2015 ~ Jan 17, 2015


# 최희라's story

(Translated) I have been to a language training school, and I have lots of night view, lots of food, and people are very friendly. I do not think Koreans are so good. I have not traveled often but I came to remember my first overseas trip.

(Original) 어학연수로 다녀왔다 야경넘이쁘고 먹을것도 많고 사람들도 너무친절하시다 한국인이 많이없어서 더좋았던것같다 자주돌아다니진 않았지만 첫번째로 나갔던 해외라 더 기억에남는닿ㅎㅎ


Hoejun Jeon

Tianjin, China

May 3, 2017 ~ May 4, 2017


# Hoejun Jeon's story

(Translated) Tianjin Night View 2

(Original) 톈진 야경2

Eui-Jung Hwang

Tianjin, China

Aug 7, 2017 ~ Aug 14, 2019


# Eui-Jung Hwang's story

I'm working in Tianjin at the moment so anyone pass by here just hit me up 😆

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Soobin Park

Tianjin, China

Jul 15, 2014 ~ Jul 17, 2014


# Soobin Park's story

(Translated) Tenjin business trip

(Original) 텐진 출장

Hyun Jun Jeong

Tianjin, China

Apr 19, 2015 ~ Apr 22, 2015


# Hyun Jun Jeong's story

(Translated) Mobis business trip

(Original) 모비스 출장

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